Midnight is near. A terrified woman, hidden behind a desk, tries to hold her quickened breath. Her sweaty hands on the edge of the desk, she anxiously peeks from behind it. The room is lit solely by a few fluorescent lamps, therefore she cannot see the secrets hidden in the shadows. He could be anywhere.

Suddenly, she freezes, hearing a sound behind her. Now she knows that he has found her and that there is no escape. Slowly, she turns around, one tear falling down her trembling cheek, and she waits for the inevitable.

– Miss Halina – Senior High Lead Team Management Specialist says to her. – Where is today’s report?

Working at a large corporation can be a real nightmare. Well, unless you’re the boss. Now this opportunity stands before you! Take on the role of a supervisor in a big company and fulfill the most fundamental task of someone in your position – finish off your employees. Literally. Very literally. At the same time, don’t forget about the profitability of your business. After all, you need some funds for your yachts, expensive clothes and elegant, modern, eccentric furniture that fits your office with a stunning city view.

Office Suicide Saga is a browser game, so you don’t have to install anything or order/buy at the store. You can play it wherever you have an Internet connection!

Office Suicide Saga is also a free game, so you don’t have to pay for it at all! All the micropayments are entirely optional.


  • Create a boss that perfectly matches your expectations! Choose their appearance, traits… and, maybe, a spouse.
  • Create a nightmare company! Choose a name for it, create your own logo, decide the type of business it will be involved in.
  • Run the company. Make your employees break out in a cold sweat! Get your spouse to have some plastic surgery – I mean, how long can you look at that face?! But no matter what you do, laugh at the events and consequences of your actions in this game full of black humour!
  • The graphics will also add to the fun. They’re like your mother-in-law – as beautiful as overdrawn!
  • Cooperate! Compete! You and other players are part of a big market, where anything can happen. Who will turn out to be better?
  • And, of course, play for free! Any micropayments are completely optional and we took care so that they won’t bother you too much.

We want you to have fun playing our game, to have a good laugh with us at the absurdities this game portrays. The goal of the game, however, is to draw attention to abuse at a workplace – a problem rather serious and yet rarely discussed. The exploitation and humiliation of workers is becoming a norm in many companies. Many people seem to forget the most important things in life in their pursuit of career and moneymaking. We hope that Office Suicide Saga will draw attention of a wider public to these problems through this caricature.