We started out in 2014, when Greg and Luke decided to realise a project that was to be named Office Suicide Saga. From that moment on, they gathered a team of real enthusiasts (and very nice guys at the same time) from several Polish cities and from abroad. The goal was to prove with our cooperation that enthusiasm and perseverance are a good recipe for the realization of craziest projects.

We’re a bunch of jolly, open-minded people who love creating games, but not only that – we enjoy playing them too. We’d like to stay in touch with you and raise issues that matter not only to us but to you as well. But most of all, we’d like our products to give you as much satisfaction and joy as they do to us when we make them – if not more!


Greg Goleń

Lead Producer

Greg is our producer - one of the two people who created the team and now looks over its activity. At an early age he already proved how focused he can be – he stood there lost in thought when a roadroller almost ran him over.


    Luke Szymański

    CEO / Producer

    Luke is our producer – the second founder of the team and now the organizer. His diverse talents enable him to perform tricks like cutting his finger with a sausage.


      Bart Schweiger

      Game Designer

      Bart is our game designer - extremely good at creating game mechanics, but horrible at fruits recognition. When he was 6, he mistook a green, hairy fruit for a kiwi. In fact, it was a rotten orange.


        Darek Amiri


        Darek is our writer and we’re happy to have brought him over from Spain, where he went to travel and work after quitting work at a corporation. However, old habits die hard and so in one of Malaga hostels he succeeded in introducing appropriate office procedures (which we’re still resisting).


          Chris Smolarkiewicz


          Chris is our programmer - truly passionate about things he does and that includes both programming and sport activity you never heard of – namely, korfball.


            Michael Belka


            Michael is our programmer - using his vast experience he helps us make the best games we can develop! Did we mention that he writes code to the salsa rhythm?


              Raphael Niepiekło


              Raphael is our programmer, he creates mechanics and gameplay logic, coding is his passion that he devotes a lot of time for. While talking about himself he claims he's not similar to anyone which makes it easy for him to blend in with the crowd.


                Filipe Sabino


                Filipe is our illustrator and the talent behind almost every graphic you’ll see in our games. He's an amazing artist, a friendly person and really a good Jack Sparrow - at least as a cosplay artist.


                  Alex Rybak


                  Alex likes to doodle nice drawings and drink tea (without sugar!) in pathological amounts. In case of switching to the zombie mode you should feed her with some chocolate and remember about keeping a safe distance. She’s crazy about dogs, easy to disarm with a bunch of cute puppy pics.


                    Sebastian Ładziejewski

                    QA Supervisor

                    Sebastian joined the team in 2015, taking on the role of QA Supervisor. From the very start he proved to be a great addition to the team, especially, that he accepts fries as a payment.


                      Big Daddy

                      The Boss

                      Both our mascot and our worst nightmare. However, every team needs someone who will pull the strings.